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Independent, approachable, and nimble as hell—we have experience across nearly every category and demographic, and a team of people who turn insights into creative executions that engage.

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Not only do we boast the capabilities to bring large-scale, extendable concepts to life, we’re also flexible, fully able to churn and burn.

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We’re not like other agencies who push an agenda to execute in specific ways or view you as just another client on a list. We work with people we believe in and our goal is to support and add value to your vision.



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Not one to wade into anything, Tom began his career with a big splash when his innovative strategy plan helped Leo Burnett win the Cherry 7 Up business. His next stop was Flair Communications where his keen strategic eye would prove to make a major difference yet again. He transformed the shopper-focused company into a completely integrated, idea-driven agency. Not only did his efforts lead to an $80 million revenue increase over nine years, Tom also became the youngest VP in Flair’s history.Then a funny thing happened. Instead of paying his commission-based salary, Flair opted to lay Tom off. So begins the story of Jacobs Agency. In 1997, with no job, and a crying newborn at home, Tom opened our doors, relying on his propensity for innovative strategy, commitment to ‘creativity first,’ and joy of good whiskey as our guiding principles. And here we are.For over 20 years, Jacobs Agency has helped its clients succeed by delivering innovative creativity while Tom has been a consistent thought leader in the industry. He has appeared on major networks such as Bloomberg, WGN and NBC, and been featured in and the Wall Street Journal.
After ditching options trading for a copywriting internship at Leo Burnett, Jason found he may have a knack for this advertising thing when he developed the Super Bowl launch of Gatorade G2 at age 24. G2 went on to become the biggest new product launch of the year and Jason went on to tackle his biggest challenge yet: the internet.He created award-winning digital and social campaigns for Harley Davidson, Miller Lite and Sprint, while teaching intro to copywriting at the Chicago Portfolio School. He decided to head back to school as well—getting his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management, the top ranked marketing program in the world.When Jason isn’t helping our clients achieve their business objectives, he’s likely watching his hometown Cavs with his Instagram-celebrity dog, Waffles. Jason brings valuable experience to our team, across every category the industry has to offer. Take a look at a few examples of his award-winning work.
Susan is not your typical VP of Client Services. You can trace her unique perspective back to her college days where she was the only one in her graphic art classes to carry around a stack of business and finance books. After graduating, she combined the two and found her way into Advertising.It wasn’t long before Susan’s knack for both strategy and client service paid major dividends. Her team’s work for Rotary International led to the “Humanity in Motion” campaign which successfully repositioned the brand for a younger target and ranked in the top 2% of all U.S. PSAs.She’d go on to help clients in just about every category there is—from Hospitality to CPG. She even mastered Options Trading to best serve her client, Chicago Board Options Exchange. The ensuing strategy she developed produced the industry’s most successful product launch to date. Susan’s commitment to deeply understanding our clients’ complex problems, along with her unwavering passion for Cubs baseball and unique artwork, make our team stronger—and cooler—every day.
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